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Merry Christmas everyone

2012-12-26 07:54:32 by xoxoMaster

what you've got I got some pants and some games: D


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2012-12-26 08:29:53

I got a GayStation 3 with Darksiders 2 and Black Ops 2, 12 pieces of Belgian chocolate, clothes, Deoderant and a S50 itunes voucher :D

What games did-ja get??

xoxoMaster responds:

I got the game worms 4 mayhem!


2012-12-26 09:46:24

Clothes... and cologne. But Thursday, they are going to buy Assassins Creed 3 and Borderlands 2.

(Updated ) xoxoMaster responds:

both are cool


2012-12-27 07:22:58

Woah, what's all this deleted stuff you have in my activity button

xoxoMaster responds:



2012-12-27 09:04:36

You've been added to the art portal mod's naughty list, as well, for stolen artwork.
Post anymore and you risk having your account terminated.

xoxoMaster responds:

but if not put any art on Newgrounds My account is not finished?